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great product

I recently order the remade loose fans and they did not disappoint!
great quality! will definitely re order !

Best promades on the market!

These are the best promades I have ever used. I exclusively use promades after using these. They have a super thin base and the best retention! I’ve tried several other brands and these are the best by far in terms of quality and value!

Best promades on the market!!

I exclusivley use promade lashes after finding these. They have a super skinny base and amazing retention. I’ve tried several different brands and these the best by far in quality and value!

Best customer service

I had an issue with a local mail lady taking my package after it had been delivered and shipping it back to Luxlash. Even though it wasn't Luxlash’s fault, they sent me a new order while the previous one had still been in transit back to them, knowing I needed my product for clients asap, they sent my new one to a different address where i could receive my package so it wouldn’t be taken again. I love their pre mades the quality and bases are perfection and you get a ton of fans for the price! An amazing company through and through.

Love these tweezers

Clear Lux Adhesive
Miya OConnell
Best glue!

I’ve been using the clear glue for 2+ years now and I loveeeee it!

Great promades!

I have tried a lot of promades and so far these are my favorite!! Really beautiful lashes

My favorite lash brand.

My clients and I love these lashes. They give the perfect wispy look.

Great pro-made lashes!

Thank you for your quick shipment! And thank you for these amazing lashes!! As a beginner, this was what I was told to use and I have faith in them.

6D Narrow Pro-Made Fans 0.06
Marybeth Griffaton
best premades ever!

great consistent quality

8D Narrow Pro-Made Fans 0.06
Marybeth Griffaton
best premades ever!

I was first introduced to Lux Lash by a fellow lash artist and I was not disappointed! I've used other remade brands and the bases were inconsistent.
I absolutely love the narrow premades!

Clear Lux Adhesive
Lola Petriyenko
Best adhesive!

My go to adhesive! Sooo good!

Best glue on the market

Sensitive glues have a bad rep for not having as great retention but this clear adhesive has surpassed my expectations! I love that I don’t have to worry about inventory and running out of glue because of the subscription option. Can’t recommend LUXLASH enough!


I loved the product.

5 star every time!

These lashes save the day every time I’m in a pinch and give a flawless looking set EVERY TIME! Perfectly shaped and even. I can’t live without my luxlash premades!!!

8D Narrow Pro-Made Fans 0.06
Stephanie Garrett
The best premades hands down!

I’m obsessed with LLS’s premade fans! They are perfectly fanned, slim based, and make the most uniform sets. Do yourself a favor and get these to have on hand for busy lash days! You’ll thank me later!

It works!

I love this bonder and goes well with the Lux Lash adhesives!

Black Lux Adhesive
Megan McCarthy
Great adhesive

Been using on my clients and so far so good

Your clients will 😍 these lashes!

I love the fact that lux lash society provides Lashes in a .06 mm diameter - it's the perfect amount of volume and drama without being over the top. My clients absolutely love it! They're raving about how soft and fluffy and light that the lashes are. I'm so excited to have finally found a permanent Lash supplier for my business!

0.15 Mixed Length Lash Trays
Marybeth Griffaton
Best Premades!

I love that these premades are consistent in quality and great price point !

I love making fans but this cuts my time in half and my wrists are happy too!

Black Lux Adhesive
Patricia Martin
Best glue

Love the retention with this glue especially when the batch is fresh!! Try it you won’t be disappointed

The Rolls Royce of PreMades

I love using these premades and have had such great results with them. They look and feel good and my retention is fantastic

Best promade fans

LOVE LOVE LOVE! The quality is amazing!! i use them when I’m running a little behind and need to lash quicker