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Clear Lux Adhesive
Chelsea Faulisi

Such a good glue! Has amazing retention and is a great alternative for the covela lash clear glue! #obseesed


My new fav company!

Black Lux Adhesive
Caylie Kobernick


The Game Changer! By Deidre Harvie (owner of ZoeLash Pro)

These Pro Made Fans by LuxLash Society has been a game changer when it comes to my lash fills on my clients. It not only has cut down my appointment time by 20-30 minutes, my clients have noticed a significant improvement in lash retention! If my clients are happy, I’m happy! These Pro Made Fans are here to stay and are definitely a must for every lash artist!

Black Lux Adhesive
Leylani Concepcion

Love this adhesive, I have sensitive eyes and I made my lash artist use this product and I had no reaction afterwards!

The best

Love these & my clients do too

Clear Lux Adhesive
macy purcifull
amazing lash adhesive

it works so well in any kind of humidity!!! it also last a long time!!

Great tweezers 🖤

Slim, sleek and easy pick up

Only the best

I absolutely obsessed with these lashes. I love everything about them. Most of my lash inventory consist of Lux Lash Society. I'm not saying there isn't many brands that aren't good. But whole hearty honest quality and consistent brand and product I can vouch for this brand. I will come back to this brand because it hasn't let me down.

Clear Lux Adhesive
Kilee Albano
Best adhesive

Seriously the best adhesive that I have found to work in my environment! My clients retention is amazing!

Love these lashes!!!

I just received my 6d narrow fans and they are 💣💣💣. These are a must have!

In love

These have made lashing so much easier & quicker for me.

6D Narrow Pro-Made Fans 0.06
Justine Magallones
Great Quality!

Thin bases and I love that you can peel the strips and place them onto a tray.

The best lash fans ever!

Fans are very well made, easy to pick up and place.


Love this glue so much!!! I’ve never been more loyal to an adhesive in my life

Clear Lux Adhesive
Brandi Libey
Best glue!

Absolutely love and swear by this glue. Let me just say, I’ve gone through glue after glue finding the perfect one to stand against Oklahoma weather and so far it’s done well. I guess we will be put through the true test this winter.


Love these

Obsessed is an understatement!

These 4D fans are absolutely amazing. The retention is indistinguishable from hand made fans. The base is so thin! I love using these in my hybrid and light American volume sets.

Clear Lux Adhesive
Rosina Delgado

I was struggling with retention untill I discovered this glue 😍 it works so great with everyone !!

Best glue

Retention with this glue is amazing does not ball
Up and I have less to No irritation when clients open their eyes


Love these. They are awesome

Clear Lux Adhesive
Melisa Martinez
best glue

This glue has been my go-to for about 2 years now. I will not use any other glue!

Clear Lux Adhesive
Yamilet Gonzalez
Best glue ever

My retention has been so good with this glue

Clear Lux Adhesive
Patricia Martin
Game changer

Most dependable glue I’ve had yet! Never disappoints dispute the room temp/condition

Clear Lux Adhesive
McKenzie Ell
Best Clear Glue!!

By far love the clear than the black glue because it looks so much cleaner!!