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Best Eva!!!

Words can't describe excellence... These are amazing... I love these lashes. Out of this world. Make your lashes world easier.....


I’ve been trying their lashes for about 2 years, and I don’t regret the purchase one of my favorite brands forever😍


Absolutely the best. I can't even say how amazed I am. I have always love Dani products but this is icing on the cake. The inovated ideas and products she has introduced to our life is absolutely the best. Don't think twice fill her up.

Beautiful full coverage

I love these lashes. They give a nice dense thick lash line. I do have one client that has super straight lashes that has some retention issues because the curl on the smaller sizes is very curly. But another client I use them on had no issues.

Butter - dark - unbeatable

These lashes are the most luxurious lashes I’ve used in my ten years of lashing. I’ve used high end always and these check every box and then some! Obsessed. If she ever stops selling them I’ll have to hunt her down 😂😂😂😂

Clear Lux Adhesive
Kali Lawrie

Listen… I’ve used the most terrible of terribles when it comes to glue. When I tell you this glue is so good.. ITS SO GOOD!!!! I’m definitely interested to see how it does when it comes to retention but as far as drying time and ease of use it’s… CHEFS KISS!!!!

Clear Lux Adhesive
Yaitza Maldonado

The best glue ever this glue got my soul.❤️


I really enjoy these premades. Perfect every time

7D Narrow Pro-Made Fans 0.06

High Quality

They look beautiful. My new go to for high quality pre mades!

Clear Lux Adhesive
Annissa Gonzalez

My fav lash glue

No. 1 45°

Love this so good for Russian volume such a strong grip!

Good quality

I like the quality of the lashes and the different options available!

5 stars

Love them

Everything you Want!!

Narrow bases very soft texture. LOVE!

Great quality

This is not the style of tweezer I use. I received it by mistake in my order. Lux tweezers truly are luxurious and these do not fall short of their quality. Love the texture, creates a “grip” for your hands. A++

Clear Lux Adhesive
Gabriela Gonzalez

I have tried so many other clear adhesives claiming to be sensitive but my clients have still experienced allergic reactions BUT then I found this adhesive and to even my most allergic guests they can now wear eyelash extensions without any irritation or discomfort and the retention is amazing. A tip with this glue is add a bit more than you usually would.

Not great

Very watery, not good retention at all! Will not be using this glue anymore

Curved Multi Use Tweezer
Caylie Kobernick

These were a perfect tweezer for a lash artist just starting out!

Absolutely love Lux lash premades!

I love these lashes!

Quality and reasonably priced. They can like butter and are very black. I haven’t noticed their curl losing shape over time which is really important to me. I order basically all my lash items from luxlash!

Obsessed with the pro made fans! They really help when I’m in a pinch. Such amazing quality, can’t stress enough how amazing they are.

Pro-made fans

Obsessed with the pro made fans! They really help when I’m in a pinch. Such amazing quality, can’t stress enough how amazing they are.


Highly recommend to use LuxLash products that makes your job easier and more enjoyable!


Love these fans they attach so easily