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Unbreakable Superbonder Sealant

Unbreakable Superbonder Sealant

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The Best Bonding Solution You Will Ever Find

Are you looking for the perfect lash retention relationship for your client's natural lashes and their lash extension retention? Superbonder is an innovative product that you can use with any glue to prolong your lash retention and keep your clients happy. 

What is lash Superbonder?

Superbonder combats the common issues of toxic fumes, bonding failures, and irritation associated with traditional lash glues. The polymerization process locks in any adhesive fumes there might be to reduce irritation while pushing the humidity out of the adhesive surface to create a sealed lash bond. This curing process helps prevent bonding failure by sealing off any potential gaps between your natural lashes and synthetic extensions. Superbonder also creates an instant bond when applied correctly without needing time to cure or dry!


One of the biggest problems is that clients will often come back in 2 weeks asking for their lashes to be refilled because the glue didn't hold up. This can lead to unhappy customers and loss of business.

Unbreakable Superbonder solves that problem. It provides a superior hold that makes your client's lashes last for weeks and reduces the irritation often experienced by clients after lash application. Superbonder is an innovative product that you can use with any glue to prolong your lash retention and keep your clients happy.


  • Increases your customer's lash retention
  • Reduces sensitivity and irritation
  • Works with any adhesive

How do you use Superbonder?

Wait 2 minutes after lash application process, then place one small drop of Superbonder onto a small micro brush applicator and lightly brush Superbonder onto the base of the lash extension and adhesive bonding points. Be sure not to soak the lashes with too much liquid. A small amount goes a long way! 

Who can benefit from using it?

Lash Superbonder Sealant is great for lash artists, beauty experts and estheticians because of the unique benefits it provides. The chemical bond created by this sealant keeps lashes looking amazing longer than ever before! This allows you to create more volume and length with fewer sets of extensions which saves time, saving you money!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Chelsey H.
It works!

I love this bonder and goes well with the Lux Lash adhesives!

Desi (Corona, US)
Holy grail

This is the perfect addition to the lux black and clear glue. I have amazing retention using the duo. Never buying another glue bonder!

Patricia M. (Sacramento, US)
Game changing retention!

I absolutely love this adhesive it’s always consistent with retention results!