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6D Narrow Pro-Made Fans 0.06

6D Narrow Pro-Made Fans 0.06

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100% handmade from high-quality Korean PBT fiber, ultra-black, and lightweight. These fans are so dark they make any hybrid or volume set look beautiful, full, and flawless!

  • Create beautiful, high-quality lash sets in half the time
  • More bang for your buck at $0.03 per fan (1200 fans per box)
  • Reduced body and hand fatigue
  • Narrow width fan options for dense, dark sets
  • Perfect for beginners through to master lash artists

If your looking for a bit of extra volume, check out our 7d Narrow Pro made fans here. 


• Sharp, consistent, snatched bases
• Fan Composition: Narrow width fan
• Ultra-soft, extremely black pigmented fibers
• Perfectly spaced symmetrical fans
• Silicone pressure-sensitive tape
• Pre-crystalized (glued fans) for fast seamless attachment


• 1200 fans per tray
• 40 lines of Pro Made Fans
• Available in C, CC, D, L, M, V Curls
• Fiber Finish: Semi-gloss
• High-quality, handcrafted Korean PBT fiber
• Foil-backed strips
• Available in single length & Mixed tray options (7,8,9,10,11,12,13mm)
• Curl, Length & Diameter Printed On Each Strip! Never Forget What Length You're using

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Tori Hinton
Best customer service

I had an issue with a local mail lady taking my package after it had been delivered and shipping it back to Luxlash. Even though it wasn't Luxlash’s fault, they sent me a new order while the previous one had still been in transit back to them, knowing I needed my product for clients asap, they sent my new one to a different address where i could receive my package so it wouldn’t be taken again. I love their pre mades the quality and bases are perfection and you get a ton of fans for the price! An amazing company through and through.

Cassie Ahrens
Great pro-made lashes!

Thank you for your quick shipment! And thank you for these amazing lashes!! As a beginner, this was what I was told to use and I have faith in them.

Marybeth Griffaton
best premades ever!

great consistent quality

Martha Anjos

I loved the product.

Annalee Slaugh
5 star every time!

These lashes save the day every time I’m in a pinch and give a flawless looking set EVERY TIME! Perfectly shaped and even. I can’t live without my luxlash premades!!!

Accelerate your lash game

Effortlessly pick up from the top of the fan and unlock up to 30% faster application than other brands.

Discover the perfect curl