(No.1) 45° Hybrid Boot Mega Volume Tweezer

$70.00 USD

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⚡️Your fans just got perfect⚡️

Featuring a laser-cut "Fan Ruler" with 1mm increments that are designed for creating perfect, consistent, symmetrical fans. 

Say goodbye to your classic boot tweezer and hello to your new favorite booty. 

This tweezer is the most underrated in the gang, but once your hands get a hold of this gem, you will never let it go. Perfect for beginners or masters.  

It's like a classic boot tweezer without the butt (the rounding bottom part of a traditional boot). It's phenomenal for making fans on the strip (rolling) or with the sticky dot and has an incredible pick-up! 

Lux Lash Society Mega Volume tweezers deliver perfect, precise, no-hassle pick up every damn time. Amazing fan pick-up whether you're using them for 2d, 3d, 4d, 5d, 6d, 7d, 8d, 9d, or 10d +++ Incredibly easy to use and ready for any magical lash set you want to create! 

Every tweezer is hand-tested by me ( Dani) for 10d + pick-up. YES!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 I test every single tweezer myself to make sure you always receive a flawless, perfect tweezer.

These Japanese steel beauties are custom-designed, handmade, and created with every Lash Artist in mind.

⚡️ Hand Tested

⚡️Japanese stainless steel



⚡️Soft tension


My why for creating tweezers

When I started as a lash artist, I spent so much wasted money on Russian volume tweezers that NEVER picked up. I would toss tweezer after tweezer into what I called my tweezer graveyard box. I was sick of buying tweezers that promised unbelievable pick-up only to be let down every time. 

I had finally found one tweezer out of the million that I owned that worked. It was the only one that would consistently pick up, and it would only pick up 2d-4d. Good luck with making anything bigger than that. 

Then one day, I dropped it halfway through a new Russian volume set.😱😵😭

Yup... I think I died that day. I frantically tried to find anything I could from my graveyard box of tweezers to finish the set. Nothing worked, and I was absolutely devastated and stressed. 

After that day, I set out to fix the problem that nobody could. I was committed to making the most perfect, flawless pick-up, easy to use, and never let you down Russian volume & Mega Volume Tweezers. 

I created tweezers to assist you in making beautiful lashes and never to let you down again.. It's my commitment to YOU and every other lash artist who buys my product to provide you with only the best! 

Caring for your tweezers

  • Please be mindful of soaking sanitation time as it can dull the finish of your tweezer. 
  • Please follow your state/government sanitation guidelines and rules to ensure your tools are sterile and safe to reuse. 
  • Do not leave tweezers immersed in disinfectant for long periods. 

Customer Reviews

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Madeline M.

You cannot go wrong with any of these mega volume tweezers!

Thank you for your awesome review, Lina! It means so much to me that you love our tweezers! ?? Dani

Rachel G.
5 Star Products always

I purchased these tweezers because I knew they would be fantastic as LLS only have the beat quality products and these of course did not disappoint. Love ??

Thank you for your review Rachel! I'm so happy you are loving the tweezers! ?? Dani