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M Curl 0.07 Lux Volume Lashes

M Curl 0.07 Lux Volume Lashes

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Not Your Basic Lashes, Not Your Basic Curl...Stand Out ... Show Off ... Express Your Artistry

Perfect for Lash Artists who are looking to deliver on-trend lash designs and create the Perfect Fox Eye Effects 

Designed to be vibrant, multidimensional, and fan effortlessly to create 🔮  magical lash sets. 

Our lashes are made of the softest and most luxurious synthetic extreme black pigmented fibers.

LUXLASH SOCIETY lash fibers are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. Our 100% synthetic lash extensions integrate the latest innovations in fiber technology for superior performance.

✨ 16 Rows Per Tray

✨ Semi-Gloss Finish

✨ Extreme Black Pigmented Fibers

✨ Non-Stick Backing For Non- Stick Residue On Lash Tile

✨ Superior Performance (won't lose their curl)

✨ 2mm Strip for Optimized Perfect Fan Creation

✨ Our lashes are made of the highest quality 100% synthetic PBT fibers

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jasmine T.
M Curl is my new ultimate fav!

these M Curl lashes fan like a dream and they look absolutely stunning on so many clients, they've been leaving my girls smiling from ear to ear!

Kaitlin B.
My New Favorite

I know that all curls are valuable and can be used in all kinds of different styles...but is it okay to say that Lux Lash Society's M curl lashes are my favorite of all? Just a beautiful curl!! These lashes are so easy to fan, perfectly black, and high-quality.

S A.
Easy fanning!

Absolutely loved using the M curl mixed lengths. They were so easy to use and made fanning much easier, I'm SO happy now that I've founded these speciality curls.

Thank you for your review, Shima! I'm so happy you are loving the M curls! Make sure you tag us on Instagram in your work! I would absolutely love to see the work you do with them!!! :heart_eyes:

Yuka H.
Great product

I loved M curl. It was my first time to try out and I'm in love! It's very easy to make fans!! I will definitely order other curl too!

Hi Yuka! Im so happy to hear you love our M curl! Its deff all the rage right now and a curl that your clients will be obsessed with! Our L curl is also amazing and is great for creating a sharp eyeliner effect :blush:. Please tag me in your work on instagram so I cant like and share it :heart_eyes:.
?? Dani